This Plants app is a learning exercise to play around with full stack web development using a MEAN stack with Angular 2 and the Angular 2 CLI. The app is relatively simple and mostly built around learning all of the components that make up this stack - Node.js, Express, Angular 2, MongoDB, etc. The app is deployed for live web use using MongoDB’s MLabs for the database, Heroku for the backend hosting, and Angular 2 CLI deployment to github pages for the front end for ease of deployment.

This app taught me a bunch of new things I had been playing around with in individual components but wanted to put them all together. Building blocks like Javascript (a language I haven’t used nearly enough in the past), Node and all of its amazing packages, the basics of a CRUD or RESTful API, routers - both for Node and Angular 2, responsive web design and single-page apps, basically all the things necessary for a complete stack using modern languages and technologies.